Hey Valerie! Ready To Grind?

WEEK OF : January 3 - January 9

Hi Sarah!


For your first week of training, we’ve given you material that can be completed twice a week as well as whenever you have time for it. Your circuit training workout is to be completed twice in this week with at least one or two days in between. This is lower leg dominant and focuses on the lower extremities as a whole but with a large emphasis on the backs of your legs/glutes as well as your inner thigh adductors (hi, Josh Bergasse “drop to the floor and bring it back up” moment!). Also to be completed is a follow-along core circuit. This should also be completed twice this week and can be done after your circuit workout or on another day, whatever you have time for! We have also added a short adagio to be worked on at some point this week as well to reinforce the lower leg work and to work on level changes with turns. (You must forgive my low extension, I am working through a hip injury -Alexa)


For your everyday/whenever you have down time work, I have basic foot strengthening exercises for you as well as a rolling out area-of-focus video. These are simple exercises that I feel get overlooked in our everyday lives that can make a difference in our training if we commit to them.


Some of these videos are follow-alongs while others are more explanations based on your previous knowledge and experience in exercise. If you have any questions on anything, shoot us an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP! You can also feel free to record any of your workouts if you want feedback on particular movements, but that’s not necessary if you feel comfortable.


Have a great week!

Alexa and Jackie






Hi Sarah,

I am throwing a tough one at you this week! While learning this combo, try a few different choreography retention techniques. Try the accumulation method (every time a new move is introduced, start the combination over and tack it on at the end), try saying the order of steps out loud, not in your head! I want to start investigating how you best pick up choreography so that we can create audition technique that works for you. I am going to give you new techniques to try every week! If you need any further clarification or more in-depth explanation of the two I mentioned above, do not hesitate to ask! Have so much fun with this one!!






"All Night Long" / Adagio