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BFA Dance Montclair State

"The Grind Method and its owners have taught me so much just in two weeks. I received incredibly detailed and articulate feedback that I can really put to use in my future auditions. They are open and so easy to work with and happy to rely their own experiences. They have a way so that their corrections are positive yet thorough and I believe will really make me stand out from other auditionees in the future. Learning from two current musical theater world touring performers who have so much experience under their belts was so inspiring to me, having just recently graduated into the Co-Vid 19 pandemic."

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CATS Tour 2019

"The Grind Method provides super useful and personal feedback that I've never experienced in the average New York City or Los Angeles dance class. Easily one of the best training programs I've had since working professionally!"

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BFA MT Michigan | CATS Tour 2019

“Jackie and Alexa are both so kind and supportive, and The Grind Method program continually pushes you to improve. The opportunity to receive personalized feedback is irreplaceable and extremely unique to this program. This is a perfect fit no matter where you are in your career/how much dance training you have!” 

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BFA Dance Montclair State

"The Grind Method is it. If you are looking for a program that is so easy to access with instructors who give you material based on your needs. This is it. Period. I love this program and it’s staff. I was given so much information about how I dance and perform while having fun." 

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