Personalized Online Dance Training

For The Theatre Artist

The Grind Method was an idea that came out of the Covid-19 quarantine via FaceTime conversations. Alexa and Jackie are friends and young working professionals who met while studying at Montclair State University. Their professional experience during and after college extends from within the walls of offices to onstage with national and international tours. Having worn multiple hats with their various administrative, financial, creative, and performance based jobs, Alexa and Jackie wanted to use their skills collaboratively to solve one of the many problems a worldwide pandemic was bringing to the performance industry - when there was a huge shift taking place in how we were training, why wasn’t there a shift being made in how dancers and movers were receiving feedback and growing? 

Through various drafts, surveys, a lot of planning and many afternoon meetings, Alexa and Jackie shaped an idea from a Facetime chat into The Grind Method. Focusing on the theatre artist, The Grind Method aims to be a personal trainer for dance technique and cross training in a hyper-focused and tailored setting online. There is no level of technique or skill required to train with us- as long as you want to put in the work to better yourself, we are ready to create a program surrounding your needs or provide services regarding your online submissions and reels. We want to work together and do what it takes to help you grow and succeed professionally- let’s start grinding!